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Credit Collections (UK) Ltd specialise in bad debt recovery. Established in 1985 Credit Collections (UK) Ltd is a well established, reliable & very experienced bad debt recovery agency. We have many years experience in recovering unpaid accounts throughout the UK utilising the latest bad debt recovery computer software & the expertise of our fully qualified staff.Bad Debt Recovery

When choosing an agency to asist with your bad debt recovery & credit control, ensure that the debt collection agency is fully licensed & registered with the appropriate bodies.

Never use a debt collection agency that requests up front charges or requests that you sign a minimum term agreement. No reputable bad debt recovery agency will do either of these things. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd has a clear pricing policy which is simply a percentage of any monies recovered. We are happy to be your bad debt recovery agency for a one off single case or regular multiple debts.

When you choose to use Credit Collections (UK) Ltd as your debt collection agency you will be able to submit your accounts to us for collection online via the Member Area of our Website. You will also be able to view your cases online to obtain your own reports & updates in real time.

As an experienced debt collection agency, Credit Collections (UK) Ltd can do more than assist with the recovery of your delinquent accounts. Prevention of bad debts is much more cost effective than bad debt recovery. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd therefore assists many companies, both large & small, with their credit control. We can work with you as your credit control partner to put in place effective credit control policies to ensure that your customers remain within their credit terms thus minimising your exposure to bad debt.

Bad debt recovery becomes harder the older an overdue account becomes. For this reason, a debt collection agency may charge more for their services the older a debt is. It is therefore important not to allow your unpaid accounts to be left unattended & turn into bad debts that will need a professional bad debt recovery agency.

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