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Credit Collections (UK) Ltd is a Debt Collection Agency providing debt collection & outsourced credit control services. We offer tailor made debt collection and credit control services to all types of businesses.Debt Collection

Our whole debt collection approach is geared to work with you to supply a comprehensive debt collection service that will enhance your own credit control procedures, improve your cash flow and reduce your debtor days.

Credit Collections (UK) Ltd has been registered as a debt collection agency since 1985 and is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading for debt collection. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd is also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) thus assuring you we always operate to the very highest ethical standards.

Let us help you collect your debts quickly using our debt collection services. Debt collection agencies are an excellent, easy & affordable way of collecting bad debt. Our debt collectors are professional in the way they request payment of unpaid accounts from your customers and will help collect your accounts quickly and efficiently leaving you time to concentrate on your core business.

Although you may have already written to your customer requesting payment of the debt, a letter from a debt collection agency such as Credit Collections (UK) Ltd does carry a significant threat and a high percentage of debtors do respond to our demands for payment. Debtors will understand that the payment demands are no longer an idle threat. Our demands for settlement are not only sent by post, we also make use of fax, email & text messages therefore ensuring that we get the direct attention of the principal contact.

At Credit Collections (UK) Ltd we provide a dedicated Account Manager to each Client so that you will know exactly who is dealing with your debt collection cases at all times. Each debt Account Manager is highly trained and has the benefit of the latest computer technology & debt collection software. The debt collection Account Manager will learn the background to each debt collection case and apply the most appropriate course of action. Useful advice and guidance can therefore be given to you at each stage of the debt collection procedure. Via the Credit Collections (UK) Ltd online case tracking facility you will have direct email contact to the desktop of the Account Manager dealing with your debt collection cases.

Credit Collections (UK) Ltd will provide you with regular updates relating to the progress of your debt collection in a format convenient to you & you can issue instructions to Credit Collections (UK) Ltd via our Webspeed online debt collection facility, which is provided free of charge.

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Debt Collection Agency
Debt Collection Agency
Debt Collection Agency
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